“Loving the World: Photography as Spiritual Practice”

We are planning a Fall weekend at Little Portion Friary, Mt. Sinai, Long Island. Exact dates will be posted when we are confirmed.

If you would like to schedule a retreat for your venue or group, please let me know.

Is it possible to see the world anew, with wonder and curiosity? To re-present our surroundings as we find them, without judgment? Indeed, with love?

There is a vital connection between our inner lives and our outer vision. This enduring wisdom is reflected in the world’s ancient and lasting spiritual traditions and philosophies. And, it is reinforced by modern insights about Mindfulness.

Join us to broaden your inner vision and revitalize your picture-making. In this contemplative photography workshop,  we will:

▪    take an inside-out approach to making pictures

▪    engage in contemplative and mindfulness practices to deepen our inner knowing, and,

▪    utilize simple photographic exercises to broaden our vision of the world

We will end with a group slide show to celebrate our new visions.

This workshop is ideal for those who would like to refresh their digital photography practice, as well as those who are new to making digital pictures. No level of proficiency is required.

Contemplative photography is also for those who want to revitalize their spiritual practice through an artistic medium.

“…Spirit always stands still long enough for the photographer It has chosen.”

Minor White

This workshop can be customized by group and venue. Please contact me.

See samples of my work here http://paul-kimmerling.artistwebsites.com/index.html

3 Responses to “Loving the World: Photography as Spiritual Practice”

  1. Just yesterday while I was standing in Whole Foods in front of the funny mirror in the kids play section, I asked myself “What if this is the way I really look?” We’ve been so conditioned to see ourselves and the world a certain way. How do we know if it’s the truth? What is the truth? Anyway, sounds like a great class Paul. If I were closer, I’d be there.

  2. Stephen Esposito says:

    As a working photographer, having recently completed the Apprenticeship program with the Guild for Spiritual Guidance, and having an interest from an early age of the contemplative photography of Thomas Merton, it was suggested that I attend your retreat. Due to scheduling problems involving work and taking care of my 88 year old father I was wondering if it would be possible, if I was able to make it to Holy Cross Monastery on Tuesday, if 1.) I could just show up with a check for the amount due and 2.) would it be possible to give me some idea of the schedule for the three days? Thanks for your time and trouble.

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