For the Assisi Pilgrimage

“I loved the idea and the place.  Both were mutually nourishing!  The retreat made me examine my own faith as compared to how Francis and his followers found theirs.”

Drew Minter

It was a rich experience; I am very glad I took the risk to participate. My prayer life got an infusion of energy, and I can now better recognize what changes I need to make in daily life to maintain that benefit. The program was ideal, neither too much nor too little. The fact that the site visits were open-ended was especially helpful.”

Sarah Gardner

“I got a lot out of the morning talks, especially the questions relating to our own lives.”

Judy Kamilhor

Wonderful place, wonderful people to share the journey with. Beauty and Peace.”

Ann Fowler

For “Loving the World”, the Contemplative Photography workshop

“I was profoundly moved by this retreat. It was a time of deep reflection and sharing. There was time for silence, laughter and unity among the group members. It was a truly special retreat.”

Jackie Diele

“The “Loving The World ” workshop was truly a blessing. I was so moved by the openness and creativity of all who attended…the journey and times of stillness in capturing these images helped me see…the miracle of interconnection. God showed up in all of us and in every image captured.”

Donna Cox

 “I just loved everything about it. I loved the balance between the visualizations, quiet time, sharing, photos and quotes. I realized that my photos can be a vibrant source of prayer and reflection.”

Sheila Anne Cunningham

“Great! Tres bien. Magnifico. 4 stars…. So simple, so profound.”

Dennis Murphy

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