Individual & Group Work

“Paul is an empathetic listener, and has provided valuable feedback over the years. His rich life experiences, professional training, and humour imbue his insights with wisdom and compassion. As a direct result of our work together, I’ve come closer to my authentic self and learned how to find my own path towards healing.”
G. Lopez, Queens, NY

 I provide guidance on an individual and group basis. My areas of focus include:

  • Spirituality and LGBTQ Identity
  • Breaking Through Old Paradigms
  • Building Inner Resources 
  • Navigating Personal Transitions

Spirituality and LGBTQ Identity

Spirituality is an innate human capacity. Yet, LGBTQ people can face unique challenges in their spiritual development. You may be seeking an intentional and meaningful spiritual practice, or hoping to reconcile your sexual and spiritual identities. I can provide guidance on this journey.

Breaking Through Old Paradigms Using 12-Step Wisdom

We can be held back by our own actions or thoughts. Yet, we may feel powerless over these habitual behaviors or mental constructs, or be unable to choose differently. Utilizing concepts and practices from 12-Step wisdom, I can help you build your awareness and take action toward change.

Building Inner Resources Using Contemplative/Mindfulness Practices

When Life happens, our only choice may be how we respond. There are wonderful and rich Eastern and Western practices that help us access an inner knowing and calm, and face our challenges with equanimity. These practices foster our openness to higher Wisdom, and move us toward a sense of oneness with the world and compassion toward all. I would like to share these with you.

Navigating Personal Transitions

You may choose a new path, or have one suddenly thrust upon you. I can help you build your resiliency, make the most of change, and normalize your experience. I have practical methods and models to share with you, which I have used during many of my own significant life changes.

“Paul listens with an open heart, mirroring back to me the essence of what I’m experiencing without judgment. I always feel I can talk openly about some of some of my worst fears and darkest feelings.”

Bill C.,   Brooklyn, NY

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