About Paul

PK,1024x768, SPECSPaul Kimmerling helps organizations and individuals gain fresh insights, employ practical solutions, and boost their capacity to thrive, through customized training programs and facilitated events, experiential workshops, and coaching.

His passion for the learning process drives his dynamic approach, creating an engaging environment for transformational learning. Whether helping to build Emotional Intelligence, powerful Communication Skills, or Personal Resiliency, Paul blends insights from his own experience with well-respected sources to offer compelling ideas and practical methods.

Paul mentors others in their quest for authentic spirituality and expression, with a special focus on LGBTQ issues and 12-step practices. He offers workshops and coaching in photography http://www.paulkimmerling.com/photography.html
and leads a yearly spiritual retreat in Assisi Italy http://www.paulkimmerling.com/assisi-2015.html

He is a board member of the Companions of Mary the Apostle, an ecumenical community, in West Park, NY. https://www.facebook.com/CompanionsMA

Paul is a co-founder, and Training Director, of the Holistic Performance Group, a women-owned provider of training and coaching services that boost organizational capacity and performance. He specializes in Mindfulness and Building Personal Resilience, and has provided training at Time Inc. (NY, NY), SUNY New Paltz (NY), the Decatur (AL) Business Incubator, and the Center for Urban Community Services (NY, NY). http://www.holisticperformancegroup.com/index.html

A faculty member at the American Management Association (AMA), http://www.amanet.org/
Paul builds organizational effectiveness with courses in strategic communication, collaboration and delegation skills. He helps learners leverage self-awareness with instruments such as DiSC, TKI and others. Paul is a certified MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) practitioner. Paul’s article, “Mindfulness: A Building Block of Emotional Intelligence” was published online in the AMA Playbookhttp://playbook.amanet.org/mindfulness-building-block-emotional-intelligence/

Paul teaches job readiness skills to NY Metro area high school and college students through Operation Enterprise, a division of the AMA (above). He designed and delivered a highly engaging workshop for technical students in the NYC area, to bridge typical communication gaps with non-technical professionals. http://www.amanet.org/advantage/Operation-Enterprise.aspx

With Balancing Life’s Issues (BLI), a national provider of work/life programs, Paul brings programs such as “Creative Problem Solving”, “Managing Change”, and “Emotional Intelligence” to dozens of organizations, including Verizon, NBC, SONY, the CUNY system, and the Hospital for Special Surgery.http://www.balancinglifesissues.com/

Paul is a certified trainer of Mental Health First Aid’s corporate programs, leading in-person events to help employees assist those in crisis or developing mental illness. http://www.mentalhealthfirstaid.org/cs/

Paul earned his stripes at a pioneering advertising technology company as the HR Manager of Learning and Development. He was instrumental in reshaping, communicating and supporting all aspects of company-wide performance management processes, as well as building and executing on-boarding programs.

He authored & delivered numerous learning programs – for staff managers as well as individual contributors  – in performance management, communication, collaboration and creative problem solving, among others. His workshops on Managing Change and Transition, and Creative Thinking, have been vital at times of organizational change and renewal.

Paul’s highly collaborative approach was key to the success of new initiatives, and fostered improvements in processes, products and relationships. His engaging facilitation techniques have helped stakeholders reach new understanding and agreement about challenging issues.

Through 2012, he was a lay leader at Christ the King, Stone Ridge, NY, and St Andrew’s, New Paltz, NY, where he contributed programing and preaching. A graduate of the Episcopal Church’s Education for Ministry program (EfM), he has a Certificate in Theology from the University of the South at Sewanee. Paul was also the mentor of the EfM program at St. Bartholomew’s Church, Manhattan.

12 Responses to About Paul

  1. beth cook says:

    Congratulations, Paul, on your graduation from Haden and this new endeavor! How exciting. I will definitely be keeping up with you and engaging in the conversation. Much love from me to you 😀

  2. Emily Youngblood says:

    Congrats Papa Paul!

  3. Paul,
    Thanks for this. I am feeling fed. Keep up the good work.

  4. Steve says:

    Congratulations Paul, on completing this stage of your journey, this accomplishment.

    You have such a wonderful gift of words, truly inspiring!

    Food for thought … could it be our relation to the Devine Sacred and to each Other?

    In peace, and with love,

    Namaste (we need to find, or invent, a Christian word that expresses the sentiment)

    • Ruby says:

      Hi Steve,
      If I may I believe the christian word that expresses the same sentiment (for me at least) is Jesus. I think Jesus is the closest expression of what Namaste is all about. Thank you for your post, it immediately brought to mind the Jesus prayer.

  5. BILL says:

    Mozel Darling!

  6. Phil Myers says:

    Looking forward to the new places your blog may lead us all.

  7. lynn brooke says:


    Thank you for your kind email. I am doing well, and am grateful that Dad had finished his long journey. Graduation ! Congraulations! I will miss you. But , look forward to the blog and to Italy. XXO, L.

  8. Israfel mark pafford says:

    Paul, I look forward to your posts- Be well!

  9. Kate Theriot says:

    Enjoyed reading your blog – Getting ready to go for the last intensive – it won’t be the same without you and the others in your group – we’ll be the “seniors” this time. Take care and keep posting. Prayers and wishes for many graces your way!

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