In moving toward my personal brave new worlds….of consulting, and independent projects, and collaborations with wonderful colleagues….and of leaving the Hudson Valley to create more room for all those efforts to burgeon…

I find myself mulling the “Always”, “Only” and “Never” statements. They go something like this…

I will never work 9-5 again!

I will only do work I love.

I will never find a place as beautiful, with people as wonderful, as here. 

I will never be nourished sufficiently without this garden, this sky, these trees, those stars…

If I don’t take this (fill in the blank with your favorite household object) with me, I will always regret it.

A few years hence, every time I look back at all that has happened, I will always be grateful that I sold my house.

I catch myself thinking these things when I am with folks from around here, or while re-discovering Grandma’s coffee set in the attic, or as I watch the golden leaves cascade down in a sudden gust.

And I hear determination, and fear, and lots of projections. Anyone else?

But underneath, there is a core belief that these are sound choices; that there is something unshakably authentic about this path.

I am not waking at 3am, in a panic, wondering about my sanity. I go about all the requisite activities with focus. I am asking for help, and getting it.

And, I am now old enough to have institutional memory. I know that I have, indeed, always been sustained, sometimes in ways I would not have imagined. I see that I have always been with wonderful people, regardless of my surroundings.

So, I know that nothing is forever, or for never. Or, for always, for that matter.

At least, in the limited “always” (and “only” and “never”) that I can conjure.

Which means this is about faith, and trust, and hope.

And love.

About Soul Intention

"Spirituality is, ultimately, about what we do with...desire. What we do with our longings, both in terms of handling the pain and the hope they bring us, that is our spirituality." from The Holy Longing by Ronald Rolheiser. Paraphrasing what Gerald May has said, in his book Will and Spirit, spirituality is our experience and interpretation of our relationship with the Sacred. The intent of this blog is to explore for myself, and to invite others to explore with me, just what is it we do with our desire? What is our spirituality? Mine has been shaped by many things...in my formative years, by the Roman Catholic church. In the last decade, by the 12 steps. Most recently, by the Episcopal Church. And, always, always, by the sense that Nature helped to reveal the Great Mystery, of which we are all a part. So, my spirituality includes concrete practices, like the Steps, as well as probing more philosophical matters. I was certified, in January 2011, as a Spiritual Director by the Haden Institute. During those 21 months of study, which included a broad range of topics from Celtic Spirituality, to the Christian Mystics, to Jungian Depth psychology, I was given the space and time to ponder my own spiritual journey, hear about others' paths, and benefit from participation in an intentional community. My hope is that this blog can engender a similar conversation. Peace, Paul
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